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  • Sunday Review

    A few weeks ago, a mom in our church emailed me asking for the list of songs planned for the next Sunday meeting. She wanted to try to teach them to her children in advance so they could be ready to sing. Needless to say, my thought process went something like this, "Wow.

  • Response to the DOMA Decision

    Reaction from evangelical Christians across the nation to Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision on the DOMA case has been swift and vitriolic. Social conservatives decry the degradation of traditional family values. Libertarians wish the court would stay out of social policy altogether.

  • Fathers Day Testimony

    On Fathers Day, we asked John Robertson to share a testimony of God's work in his life as a father over the past year.  It was a moving recollection worth reliving, and John agreed to share it in writing below. My name is John Robertson and my wife September and I have been attending Kingsway since 1989.

  • Growing as a Dad

    During our worship service last Sunday, John Robertson shared a testimony of growing as a dad over the last year. What I loved the most about John's story is that he gave no pretense of perfection as a father. Rather, he explained how God has been strong and faithful in the midst of his weakness.

  • Parenting Class

    Whether you're single or married, parenting young children is hard work. I say that as the father of two little boys. Caring for them is an unbelievable privilege, but they have an uncanny knack for drawing impatience and anger out of my heart that I didn't even know was in there.

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