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  • Philippines Relief Effort

    There are many blessings to being part of the Sovereign Grace family of churches. One of them is the opportunity to partner with like-minded congregations in doing gospel ministry around the world. We recently received the following update from Mark Prater, our Executive Director, explaining how we can support the disaster relief effort in the Philippines.

  • Christmas Boxes Project

    This Sunday we have a wonderful opportunity to break bread and enjoy a thanksgiving meal together.  After that, the fun really begins.  We will move into the auditorium and begin working on our Christmas Box Outreach project.  I urge you as individuals and families today to begin with prayer for each family that receives a box that they would be open to God's call and see Christmas, maybe for the first time, though His eyes.

  • Christmas Eve Service

    Christmas is more than an event. It's a chapter in a story that began long ago and is not yet complete. Your life is part of the story, but it's ultimately not your story.

  • Seven Shared Values

    Last Sunday I had the joy of presenting our seven shared values with the Starting Point class.  These are seven distinctives we’ve recently adopted as part of our new polity in Sovereign Grace Churches.  Like our Statement of Faith, they serve to provide clarity concerning who we are.  But values go beyond what we believe to describe what motivates us...what we hold dear, what’s worth contending for. Reformed Soteriology (God is sovereign in salvation) Gospel-centered doctrin...

  • Sunday Review - Nov 10

    We began this morning by praying for God's blessing on our gathering We sang How Great Thou Art, Not in Me, and Psalm 62 We sang Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus and listened to the words of Hebrews 1:1-12 Craig Smith encouraged us to participate in the Food Pantry Christmas Boxes Project (read his remarks here) Brian McPeters welcomed our guests and Bob Shanks read Isaiah 63-64 We prayed for the Philippines, men and women in the armed forces, and our newly elected state officials Gene preaches a sermo...

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