Calling All Soda Drinkers

Calling All Soda Drinkers

I love being part of a church full of creative people. Mind you, I'm not talking about the Macbook, Starbucks, skinny jeans crowd. I'm talking about men and women from all walks of life who love to ask and answer a common question - how can we more effectively fulfill the gospel mission God has set before us? 

I get excited about that question. So does my friend Damian Cruchigno. Damian recently approached me with an idea for raising additional funds to balance our 2013 church budget. Here's his request to all of us. 

We all know that on today's society we are producing a lot of trash. That's the reason of why recycling companies have been created, so products made in aluminum, paper, plastic, etc. can be reused and trash doesn't cover this beautiful planet. One of our Latino members suggested we start collecting those reusable products in the garage by the church office so we can sell them and use the profit for our ministry. We will start by collecting aluminum cans. If the collection goes well, we may add other recyclables products in the near future. 

Starting this Sunday, please bring your aluminum cans in a trash bag and leave them by the garage door. The only favor we need from you is that you wash the interior of the can to remove any juice or soda left inside to avoid the smell and the approach of bugs. If you prefer to come during the week, please stop by the office so they can open the garage door for you. Let's start giving back to God the goods He has provided to us instead of giving them to the recycling company.

Thank you for your leadership, Damian!

Posted by Matthew