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  • Every Tribe and Tongue Roundtable Follow Up

    You can’t love someone you don’t understand. It seems simple enough. If you want to have the “same care” for a fellow brother or sister in Christ, you have to ask questions about their unique challenges and experiences of suffering (1 Corinthians 12:25). The problem, of course, is that our default attitude in relationships is not to ask good questions or patiently listen to the answer.

  • Every Tribe and Tongue Roundtable

    Our culture has a growing penchant for treating every issue as a moral issue. Start a discussion on environmental protection, gun-control, or gender reassignment surgery and it won’t take long for someone to seize the moral high ground, identify their position as the only “just” position, and decry all dissenters accordingly. The problem with such a world is that every issue is not a moral issue. Most social issues are wisdom issues.

  • Color-Blind and Color-Conscious

    For some of us, Monday represented no more than a three-day weekend. If you’re a Christian, however, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day ought to carry far more significance.