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  • Pastor's Blog | Special Announcement

    Last Sunday, December 18th, Chris Deloglos shared that the Lead Pastor Search Process had officially come to a close and that Matthew Williams was selected to serve as the new Lead Pastor of KingsWay Community Church. Below are his remarks in reflection of Sunday, as well as an invitation for all to join our church family for a special church-wide lunch on January 15, 2017 to celebrate Matthew's installation.Let me begin by thanking you for the way you responded to the announcement on Sunday...

  • An Update on Gene's Resignation

    Every family goes through hard times and that’s certainly been the case for our church over the last few weeks. Two weeks ago, we made the difficult announcement that our senior pastor, Gene Emerson, resigned in response to a recent court conviction where he was found guilty of soliciting a prostitute. Last week, we were made aware of additional evidence from his case, confirming that his actions were consistent with the verdict of the court.

  • Gene's Resignation

      This morning we made the difficult announcement that Gene Emerson has chosen to resign his position as senior pastor of Kingsway Community Church. The following contains a portion of what Matthew Williams shared today by way of explanation. An audio recording of Matthew's entire message is available here.  Gene has faithfully shepherded our church for over 26 years.

  • Hosting Area Pastors

    Yesterday, Matthew & I had the privilege of hosting a group of 15 area pastors for lunch.  We call this group “Together for the Gospel” because a commitment to keeping the Gospel the “main thing” defines each of our ministries and churches.  Since I’ve been meeting with some of these men for several years, I opened the lunch by sharing the joy I derive from our relationships.  By contrast, when we planted KingsWay 25 years ago, there were few pastors I could link arms with bot...