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  • Christmas Book Gift Guide | KingsWay Pastor's Blog

    If the course of our life is the product of the actions we take, and the actions we take are a product of the way we think, then few gifts carry more life-altering power than a well-chosen book. Of course, this entire sequence presupposes a willingness on the recipient’s part to actually read your gift. I suppose we shouldn’t assume as much, given our growing preference for videos over written words.

  • Stories of Life Change: Karin Kruger

    On Sunday, March 25, Karin Kruger shared a testimony about all that God is teaching her through a significant season of waiting and trial. We hope that her words continue to be encouraging to you as you seek God amid any hardship you are experiencing.Waiting is a significant form of suffering. The prolonged season of waiting I am in often brings me to the end of myself.

  • King'sKids Promotion Sunday

      School is starting back up again, and that means we are approaching Promotion Sunday!  What is Promotion Sunday you might ask? If you have kids in King'sKids, Promotion Sunday is the week your kids move up to the next class. On September 6th, stop by the KingsKids hallway and see where your child is supposed to go. If you don't see your child on the list, ask the KingsKids admin at the KingsKids desk and they will be happy to let you know.

  • King'sKids Promotion Sunday

      If your children participate in our King'sKids ministry, don't forget that Promotion Sunday is September 7th! Parents are welcome to move their children to an older or younger class throughout the year, but many parents opt to graduate their kids to the next age level every September so that friends can move up together regardless of their actual birthday. If you're unsure of which class your child should attend, simply check the rosters posted in the King'sKids hallway on Sunday morning....