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  • King'sKids Volunteers

      Believe it or not, the 2014-2015 school year is right around the corner. Sunday, Sept 7 is King'sKids Promotion Sunday and we still need a few more volunteers to staff some of our new classes. Here's a quick look at the remaining openings.  Nursery - 2 teachers & 4 assistants Toddlers - 1 teacher 3's - 1 teacher 5&6's - 2 teachers 7&8's - 1 teacher 9-11's - 1 teacher I am grateful for the way our King'sKids volunteers enable parents to participate in the Sunday morni...

  • Connect Team

    In a postmodern culture, everyone has a different notion of truth. What’s true for you might not be true for me and vice versa. In that kind of pluralistic environment, people who don’t know Jesus need a reason to believe that the Christian faith is true in a way other forms of modern spirituality are not.

  • Looking for Writers

    We're looking for folks who have a writing gift to help us create a "Stories of Life Change" section on our website. This page will be a place to read stories of how God has saved members of our church through the power of the gospel. Some could be presented in written form.