Last Weekend for Parent/Youth Camp Registration

Last Weekend for Parent/Youth Camp Registration


Sunday, July 12 is the last day you can register for our regional parent/youth conference August 6-8 at Eagle Eyrie Retreat Center. Check out the conference website for more information. Let me tell you why I believe this is a worthy investment of time and money.

1) You will learn how to follow Jesus

Being a Christian isn't about knowing a bunch of stuff about Jesus. It's about learning to actually follow his leadership in every area of life. That's what this entire conference is about.

2) Current friendships will be strengthened

Few things are more effective at building relationships than spending 3 days away together, eating the same food, sharing the same room, staying up way too late, and enjoying the same worship and teaching. If you've wanted to get to know other teens and parents at Kingsway better, this is your chance.

3) New friendships will be forged

The regional nature of the event means rubbing shoulders with teens and parents who are both different. They're different in that they live in a different city and go to a different school. But they're the same in that they're also part of a Sovereign Grace church. They have many of the same challenges, many of the same joys. You're not alone. You're part of a whole group of teens and parents fighting to please the Lord. 

I'm going. Our Frontline Leadership Team is going. And we get to run all the music and A/V equipment as a church. It's going to be a blast.

Posted by Matthew