Wherever you turn, it seems someone wants you to join something. Supermarkets, gas stations, department stores, restaurants.  Pick a retailer, there’s a rewards program offering exclusive benefits for handing over your name and contact information. Is membership in the church really any different?  

If you are have trusted in Jesus as your Savior, then you have been joined to the universal body of Christ.  God intends every Christian to express their membership in the universal body of Christ through membership in a specific local church.  Church membership is vital to our spiritual health, identifies us with Christ and his people, and enables us to fulfill our mission in ways we never could working alone.  

Members of Kingsway covenant to support and encourage one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Our elders and leaders covenant to serve them through teaching, counseling, and equipping for ministry.  Our Relational Commitments are an important part of this covenant, detailing how we will respond to conflict as a church family.  Preparing to make a membership covenant at Kingsway is essentially a two-step process.  

Step 1: Baptism

Church membership is a privilege reserved for Christians, which is why we require every member to first be water baptized as a public profession of faith in Christ.  Click here to learn more about baptism.  

Step 2: Starting Point

Starting Point is a six week membership class designed to help you make an informed decision about membership at Kingsway.  The class covers our story and our vision & mission in detail.  At the conclusion of Starting Point, you'll have an opportunity to fill out a membership questionnaire, followed by a conversation with a pastor about your testimony, our Statement of Faith and our Relational Commitments.  The pastoral interview will prepare you to join our church family at the next members meeting.  For more information on the next Starting Point class, simply contact the church office.