Our Story

In early 1989, a team of thirty adults  gathered in Midlothian with a passion to launch a church that would declare and demonstrate the life of God in an authentic way. Originally called Southside Church of Richmond (SCR), the team moved into a new theater complex in Chesterfield Towne Center. For two years, the smell of popcorn accompanied the preaching of God’s Word, until SCR moved to Midlothian High School, and then to Swift Creek Middle School. Sure, our equipment had to be unpacked and repacked in a bright yellow moving truck every week, but that didn’t matter. We learned to live out faith in community, meeting from house to house, sharing meals, serving, and praying together.

In 1998, God provided a 15-acre tract of land just off of the newly constructed Charter Colony Parkway. God used the church members’ sacrificial giving to provide the money to construct a facility of our own, which we dedicated on November 6, 2005. God's church is not about a building, but having our own home has provided some incredible opportunities for gospel ministry, including launching a Food Pantry and hosting a wide variety of community events.

Between 2009 and 2011 our church experienced a period of significant conflict, culminating in the departure of a number of longstanding members. God disciplined us during those years. He exposed a lot of self-righteousness in our church culture and challenged us to become a more humble people. The church members who remained during those years would say that it was the most painful time in the history of KingsWay.

Looking back, we wish we could have avoided those times. However, in another sense, we wouldn’t trade them for the world because today we are far less impressed with ourselves and much more impressed with Jesus. We’re not a perfect church. We don’t have a spotless history. Few of our people do, either. But we do share this in common: we need a Savior and Jesus is that Savior. The conflict we walked through taught us to find our hope, not in what we do for God, but in what God has done for us.

God graciously began rebuilding our church in 2012, giving us a new vision for loving our neighbors as God has loved us. The diversity of our membership has significantly increased as a result, as have the number of opportunities to serve our local community in practical ways through our Food Pantry Ministry and through partnerships with many in our local community. We’re amazed at how patient God has been with us, and we’re excited to continue sharing the hope we’ve found in Jesus with our neighbors in Midlothian and beyond.