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  • How You Can Help People in Nepal

      The benefits of partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches are significant. Chief among them is the opportunity to pool resources for gospel ministry around the world. The recent earthquake in Nepal affords exactly this sort of opportunity.

  • Regional Assembly of Elders

    A few hours from now, our pastoral team will gather in Charlotte, NC with pastors from all the other Sovereign Grace (SG) churches in the mid-south region. This meeting is officially called the Regional Assembly of Elders (RAE).  I say "official" because half of our time will be spent conducting official church business for our region, including approving ordinations, evaluating church adoptions, planning regional events, and participating in pastoral training sessions. Governing authority ...

  • Sovereign Grace 2015 Mission Fund

      On Sunday, March 22, we'll watch a short video highlighting some of the domestic missions work our family of churches has helped fund over the last year. This is the first of 3 quarterly videos Sovereign Grace is producing in 2015. We're going to watch this for two reasons.

  • Getting Ready for Council of Elders Meeting

      As many of you know, Kingsway is part of a larger network of churches called Sovereign Grace Churches. Two years ago, Sovereign Grace went through a major polity overhaul that shifted governing authority from a national leadership team to regional assemblies of elders. We used to have a more episcopal or top-down system.

  • Pray for our Regional Assembly of Elders

    This week Gene and I are in Charlotte, NC participating in our biannual Regional Assembly of Elders. Many of the extra-local church government functions that used to be handled by members of the Sovereign Grace Ministries Leadership Team are delegated in our new polity to committees of elders within various geographic regions.  Kingsway is part of the MId-Atlantic region, which means the elders from Sovereign Grace churches in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentuck...