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  • International Missions Weekend Recap

    Our first annual Missions Weekend was a tremendous success on so many levels. I hope you enjoyed the time together as much as I did!Here are a just a few of my personal highlights, all of which are a distinct expression of God’s blessing on our church. This list could be much longer, but for the sake of time, I’ll stick to five.1.

  • International Missions Weekend 2017

    Church history is replete with congregations that started well, but didn’t finish well. At first, sound doctrine is cherished. Enthusiasm for gospel ministry runs high.

  • Sovereign Grace Mission Fund - First quarterly update

      The churches described in the New Testament are churches united through common fellowship, governance, and missions. Examples abound. The church in Philippi provided financial support for the church in Jerusalem during a major famine.

  • KingsWay Missions: Krugers' Need UPDATE

      Last week, I posted an urgent financial request from Josh and Lieze Kruger, one of the missionary couples we support. They had ten days to raise $2,500 to pay Namibian import taxes on their vehicles. For those who don’t know, the Krugers recently transitioned from South Africa, where Josh was coordinating short term mission trips for Operation Mobilization (OM), to Namibia, where Josh & Lieze will lead the OM field office and provide oversight for every OM missionary in the country.

  • KingsWay Missions: Krugers' Need

    A couple months ago, I told Josh Kruger Jr., “If you and Lieze ever have a one-time financial need on the mission field, don’t hesitate to call us. We love you guys and it's an honor to be aware of your needs and do everything we can to meet them." This week, I got an unexpected call on my cell. It was Josh.