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  • Food Pantry...It's Not Just About Serving Food

       What? A food pantry that doesn’t just serve food? What does the KingsWay food pantry do then?

  • Provision Garden Planting Day

    Perhaps you've noticed the large plot of tilled soil at the back of our church property. It's called the Provision Garden, and it provides nourishing, fresh food to distribute through our Food Pantry. We are very grateful to MaryBeth Haggard for managing the garden and creating opportunities for all of us to get involved - whether you think you have a green thumb or not.  Provision Garden is hosting a backyard picnic and planting day after the service this Sunday (May 4).

  • Provision Garden

    If you've been around Kingsway for a while, you probably already know about our Food Pantry. What you may not know is that we planted a garden on our church property last spring to grow nourishing, fresh food to supplement our Food Pantry. It's called the Provision Garden and is the brainchild of MaryBeth Haggard.

  • Mercy Ministry Report

    God has been exceedingly gracious to us through Jesus. His life, death, and resurrection testify to God’s heart to give us what we do not deserve and could never earn - the gift of eternal life. He is a generous King, and his generosity compels our own.

  • The Food Pantry in Action

    I want Kingsway to be known in Midlothian for radical generosity, a place where people with material needs receive abundant provision. The reason is simple. God has been exceptionally generous to us through the gospel of Jesus Christ.