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  • Prayers of the Saints - New Worship Album Release

    The privilege of worshiping God is one that is perhaps most sweetly recognized when done corporately. While the feel of worshiping the Lord together in such a way cannot be fully encapsulated in a recording, there is something powerful about sharing music broadly. To that end, Sovereign Grace Churches have invested treasure and talent into creating a series of worship albums - both those recorded live and in the studio.

  • Puerto Rico Relief Fund - Sovereign Grace Churches

    Last week, Executive Director of Sovereign Grace Churches, Mark Prater, wrote a blog post about how as we as believers can help families in Puerto Rico who are suffering from the devastation of hurricane Maria. You can read the text of his post below. To visit the Sovereign Grace Churches' blog in full, click here.On September 20, Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico leaving in its path mass destruction.