Story of Life Change: Victor Zayas

Story of Life Change: Victor Zayas

This morning as part of his baptism, Victor Zayas shared the following testimony. We hope that his words continue to inspire you this week.

I have always believed in God ever since I can remember. I believed in Him as the supreme being over everything and everyone. Looking at God in that way, He seemed distant, detached and almost unapproachable. You see, my belief was lacking the substance genuine faith contains. I was believing in the idea of God and, yes, I was raised with Biblical teachings, but I never really knew God for who He says He is. There is no doubt God has led me, answered prayers, and seriously shown me love as He worked throughout my life. I can say with all of my heart His hand has always been on me. He gave me my starting point through my parents and the Catholic church. They gave me good morals, the beginnings of an absolute love for Christ and an amazing way to “dip my feet” into the infinite waters of God. It wasn’t until this past year and a half, maybe two, that I really made faith my own and was lead to pursue a personal relationship with the Lord. 

My journey began with a Bible. My dad gave one to each of my siblings and I kept mine in my drawer. I remember seeing it sitting there as if it was calling out for me to open it. At first, I thought “wow that’s a lot of pages.” My second thought was, “if there is one thing I want and need to read before I die, it’s going to be the Bible.” That was the first desire I believe the Lord placed in my heart to pursue getting to know Him. That day, I began reading His Word and as the days went on it’s as if God kept adding more to my life in order to lead me closer to Him. He gave me the gift of the best friends I couldn’t even have asked for and these friends quickly became my Christian community. I was able to talk openly about my faith without a discomfort and God was becoming so frequent in my normal day to day life, which I had never experienced before. 

It wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t even know that people would actually take time out of their day to study and discuss the Bible together. Through the blessing of being led to one Bible study and many others, every meeting contributed greatly to my faith. With these Bible studies, friends and steadfast reading, questions I had started to become answered. I believed I was finally discovering the real absolute Truth of God’s Word and I was introduced to the One who changed my life Forever. You see, I had heard that Jesus is the Son of God and He sacrificed Himself for our sins all my life, and I thought it had to be true, but I never had a genuine conviction that Jesus was Lord and Savior. What I thought was a belief, was really a hope that lacked substance. I thought that all you had to do to go to heaven was to believe in God and try to be best person you could be. It wasn’t until a few months ago that the Lord drastically transformed my belief on Salvation. He revealed to me the reality of my sin. I never thought I was a bad person; sure, I had my fair share of things I knew weren’t the best to do but I never killed anyone. I was making myself the judge because to myself my sin was “little” or “less than” what it could be. Therefore, I thought I would be ok. However, I have come to see that it’s much more than that. God showed me that all sin is sin, there is no ultimate difference from one to another. Imagine a button connected to an ejector seat. Whether you press it as gently and slowly as possible or slam it, either way you’re getting launched. In the same way no matter how “light” or “fierce” the sin, every sin is an act directly against God and is worthy of condemnation. The Lord has revealed to me that, together with genuine repentance, we are forgiven and saved by grace alone, through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. I can do nothing to save or make myself right with God nor can I ever earn or deserve His Love. I am in absolute need of a savior, the only Savior, and that is the reason I stand before you all today. I confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life and I have never been in deeper Love. I rest my hopes and set my trust on the complete and finished work He has done when He was crucified for my sins and rose again to live forevermore, as he shares His Life with me. 

I compare God building us up for his Kingdom to the image of a house. The Bible was the door to my house, then He laid down the foundation of Jesus Christ, and the walls are my friends and family, my Christian community. I haven’t gotten my roof yet because I’m still being built but I know that’s just because the work he has for me isn’t finished yet and I am eager to follow wherever He leads me.

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