Student Ministry Kick-off

Student Ministry Kick-off


Fall is just around the corner, which means we’re getting ready to kick-off another year of ministry for middle and high school students and their parents. Here's a quick overview of some exciting changes we're making in Impact (middle school) and Frontline (high school) for the 2014-2015 school year. 

1) Combined Events

Rich & Anna Rogness, who continue to lead Impact, worked with the Frontline team last year to pull off a few combined events for middle and high school students. The feedback we received after these meetings was overwhelmingly positive. The students enjoyed being part of a larger group and parents with children in middle and high school appreciated being in one location as a family.

 We're hoping to build on our momentum from last year by hosting a BIG Meeting for all our students (6-12th graders) on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. BIG Meetings provide a chance to play crazy games, worship God through song, and hear what the Bible has to say about the challenges and opportunities of the teen years. This year, BIG Meetings will focus on personal evangelism - why should we share the gospel and how can we share it effectively?

2) Impact Small Groups

Making the transition from talking with your parents about spiritual things to talking with your parents and peers about spiritual things is not easy. For several years now, Frontline has worked to prepare high school students for active participation in adult community groups by hosting gender-specific Bible studies in homes throughout Midlothian. These groups, led by Michael (guys) and Stephenia (girls), have been a real source of relational strength in Frontline. But we're hitting a challenge. 

Right now, we’re dropping our 9th graders into their first small group environment at Frontline and hoping they learn how to participate. Some do well. Others struggle a bit. This year, Rich and Anna want to back up the small group training process even further by meeting with our 6-8th graders once a month to teach them how to participate in a small group. Our goal is to help Impact kids learn how to talk about God with their peers so that when they hit the 9th grade, Frontline small groups are a more comfortable environment. 

3) Parent Participation

BIG Meetings will continue to be designed for teens and parents and will include a parents-only coaching session. This year, we’re bringing in parents of adult children every 3rd Wednesday to share what they learned about raising teenagers. If you’re a parent of a middle or high school student, you won’t want to miss the 3rd Wednesday meeting. 

Meeting dates and times are available on Church Community Builder:

*Rich & Anna are tentatively aiming for the 1st Wednesday of every month, but are still working out the exact time and location

Please pray for God to work in Impact & Frontline in three ways this year:

  • Strong relationships between teens that are new to the church and teens that have been here a long time
  • Wise leadership for the team of volunteers who sacrifice hours of time every week to lead small groups
  • A new culture of outreach and evangelism that draws non-Christians into our student community

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