Sunday Review: October 21, 2018

Sunday Review: October 21, 2018

On Sunday, October 21, 2018, Matthew preached the message "The Blessing of Mercy" from Genesis 26:34-28:9 as a part of our current series, re:creation. Below are a few discussion questions for Community Group or personal study this week. To listen to the message again, visit our Audio Resources page. For a PDF of the projection from the message, click here.

Discussion Questions:

1. Matthew taught that we have two options in light of God's work, we can humble ourselves or be humbled. Why is it infinitely better to humble yourself here in the present instead of waiting for the LORD to humble you? Have you ever experienced being humbled by God?

2. Look back at the case studies that Matthew put forth from this passage. How is this portion of scripture designed to urge and motivate us to abandon our pride before God?

3. What is the connection between treasuring God's blessings and submitting to God's authority?

4. Are there any relationships in your life that you "play God" (whether knowingly or not)? Which case study do you identify most with? How can your Community Group pray for you in this area?