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  • Sunday Review - April 13

    Below is a brief review of our meeting on Sunday, followed by projection from the message, and a few discussion questions for Community Group or personal study this week.  Matthew opened our time together by leading us in a responsive reading of Psalm 89. We sang How Great is Your Faithfulness, I Will Glory in My Redeemer, and Christ is Risen. We gave our offerings while singing O Great God.

  • Sunday Review - February 15

    Below is a brief review of our meeting yesterday followed by some discussion questions based off of the message. Use these for community group or personal study this week. Matthew opened our time together with a prayer from The Valley of Vision, "The Lord's Day".

  • Sunday Review - September 14

    In case you were unable to join us last weekend, we did something a little different from our typical meeting format. We spent the entire morning reading scripture, singing songs, praying, and sharing communion. God always reveals his presence in a powerful way when we gather as his people and last Sunday was no exception.

  • Sunday Review - August 10

    Here's a quick review of our meeting last Sunday, plus a few questions for Community Group discussion this week. We sang Glorious and Mighty We read Psalm 24 aloud together We sang Wonderful Maker and Shine Into our Night Matthew read Titus 2:11-14 and we sang Man of Sorrows We welcomed our guests, including a newly engaged couple - Chris & Riette! Matthew led us in praying for marriages in our church Gene preached a sermon entitled, Who's stuff is it? from 1 Chronicles 29 as part ...

  • Sunday Review - August 3

    Here's a quick review of our meeting this morning including application questions for Community Groups to discuss this week. Josh called us to worship by reading part of Isaiah 40 Jeremy and the band led us in singing Indescribable and Great Are You Lord Matthew read Jeremiah 17:5-8 We sang Out of the Depths and Lead Me to the Cross We gave an offering to support the ministry of the gospel in our church Gene led us in praying for Christians in the Middle East and the Sovereign Grace church ...