Sunday Review: September 16, 2018

Sunday Review: September 16, 2018

On Sunday, September 16, 2018, Matthew preached the message "The Lord Will Provide" from Genesis 21:22-34 as a part of our current series, re:creation. Below are a few discussion questions for Community Group or personal study this week. To listen to the message again, visit our Audio Resources page. For a PDF of the projected content from the message, click here.

Discussion Questions:

1. Why would God require Abraham to sacrifice the most precious thing he was ever given? What was God testing? What did He want to strengthen within Abraham?

2. How would you define steadfastness? Why does scripture define this as “more precious than gold”?

3. When Jesus calls us to Himself, how does He ultimately call us to die to ourselves? How does faith sustain such sacrificial obedience? As you consider your life, would you say that it is marked with such acts of obedience? What makes it difficult to trust God when you are tested?

4. What is the reward for obedience of faith? What tangible efforts can you take in your home and family to remind yourself about God’s reward for such obedience?