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  • Stories of Life Change: Meredith Lewanowicz

    On Sunday, February 11, Meredith Lewanowicz shared a testimony about how she had come to realize that membership in a local church was so important to her walk with the Lord. We hope that her words continue to inspire and encourage you this week. Our Spring 2018 Membership Class began last week.

  • Story of Life Change: Beth Webb

    Last month, Beth Web shared a testimony about how God was working in and through her to be a light to her co-workers. The text of what she shared is below. Please be in prayer for her continued relationship with these women.* Please note: Names below have been changed to protect privacy.A couple of weeks ago I met with Matthew and told him some things that were going on with my job, and he asked me to share them with you.Some of you know, I used to teach part-time in the public schools, but...

  • Story of Life Change: Victor Zayas

    This morning as part of his baptism, Victor Zayas shared the following testimony. We hope that his words continue to inspire you this week.I have always believed in God ever since I can remember. I believed in Him as the supreme being over everything and everyone.

  • Testimony: Angela Williams

    On Sunday, July 2, Angela Williams shared her testimony of racial reconciliation. The powerful words of her story appear below.As I pulled into the parking lot of Aqua Tots swim school, I saw the police car. The officer had already called me to let me know she was needing to issue me my warrant for the charges that were being presented against me so we agreed to meet here since my kids were scheduled for their lessons.

  • Testimony | Kyle Rogness

    On Sunday, Kyle Rogness shared a testimony about his time spent at Worldview Academy - an organization that hold week-long, biblically-intensive summer camps centered on worldviews, apologetics,and servant leadership. Below is a copy of his testimony. They are not just a promotional piece for Worldview Academy, but evidence of his changed life. This past year I had the opportunity to attend a summer camp called Worldview Academy, a 5 day intensive experience filled with about 30 hours of le...