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  • Testimony from Bolivia: Stephanie Shanks

    On Sunday, August 20, Stephanie Shanks shared the following testimony with the church about her time in Bolivia. We hope that her words continue to stir your heart toward missions and inspire you this week.I know being on the “sending” side can be harder in its own ways, to sit through testimonies like this when you wanted to BE there, but this Summer I realized just how much we leaned on you for support before and during the trip. So I’m grateful I get to share a report with y...

  • 2017 Summer Mission Trips to Bolivia

    Greetings friends,Thank you for your interest in our summer mission trips to Bolivia. We are excited and have been busy planning many details that we look forward to sharing with you. As we prepare, I have some information to pass on for all who may be interested.Please note that the first team meeting (for local participants) will be held on Sunday, May 21st after church at 12:30 pm at KingsWay Community Church.This summer, we have two trips planned.

  • International Missions Weekend Recap

    Our first annual Missions Weekend was a tremendous success on so many levels. I hope you enjoyed the time together as much as I did!Here are a just a few of my personal highlights, all of which are a distinct expression of God’s blessing on our church. This list could be much longer, but for the sake of time, I’ll stick to five.1.

  • International Missions Weekend 2017

    Church history is replete with congregations that started well, but didn’t finish well. At first, sound doctrine is cherished. Enthusiasm for gospel ministry runs high.

  • Sovereign Grace Mission Fund - First quarterly update

      The churches described in the New Testament are churches united through common fellowship, governance, and missions. Examples abound. The church in Philippi provided financial support for the church in Jerusalem during a major famine.