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  • New Sermon Series: Songs of Lament

    Most of us wrestle at some point or another with the reality of evil and suffering and the implications of evil and suffering for our belief in God or attitude toward God and Christians are not immune to the struggle. Stop and consider for a moment, “How do you respond to suffering, whether suffering in your life or the lives of people around you?” Do you try to ignore your suffering, minimize your pain, and stay positive? Do you try to bury or drown your suffering in a sea of frenet...

  • Tears of Joy

    Last week, I came back to the office after a 6 week ministry break with my family. God blessed me in so many ways while I was gone. I worked in the garden.

  • Why I Love the Psalms

    Reading Psalm 13 this week reminded me why I’m so grateful for the entire book. Time after time, the Psalms show me how real people fought to trust a real God smack in the middle of real suffering.  n verse 1, Kind David cries out to God.