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  • American Heritage Girls Chapter

    One of our members, Anna Rogness, spoke a few Sundays ago about an organization called American Heritage Girls. A number of Kingsway moms and daughters are currently involved in AHG and we recently agreed to sponsor a new chapter as a local church. A short summary from Anna on their mission is copied below.

  • 2015 Youth Lock-in

      We love creating environments where students can build friendships with other students who are passionate about following Jesus. That's the motivation behind our 3rd annual Youth Lock-in taking place on June 19-20. It's a combined activity for our Frontline & Impact ministries.

  • Youth Camp 2015

      Over the last year, our Frontline and Impact meetings have all focused on multiplying, following Jesus by helping other people follow Jesus. It's what the Bible calls "making disciples." Making disciples starts with being a disciple. You can't lead someone to follow Jesus if you're not already following him yourself.

  • Student Ministry Kick-off

      Fall is just around the corner, which means we’re getting ready to kick-off another year of ministry for middle and high school students and their parents. Here's a quick overview of some exciting changes we're making in Impact (middle school) and Frontline (high school) for the 2014-2015 school year.  1) Combined Events Rich & Anna Rogness, who continue to lead Impact, worked with the Frontline team last year to pull off a few combined events for middle and high school students....