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We all want it. God tells us where to find it. It's not found in being a good person. It's not found in doing your own thing. Joy is found in relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. If you know Jesus, you have joy. That's what our church is all about. Enjoying a growing relationship with God.

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  • Sunday Review - November 23

    Here's a quick review of our meeting yesterday, plus a few discussion questions for community groups or personal study this week! Keven Khoffie led us in a call to worship by reading Revelation 4:2-11.  We sang Praise to the Lord the Almighty and Grace Alone.  Matthew gave us an update about last week's shoebox packing party for Operation Christmas Child.  We took a brief hiatus from our current sermon series, Son of God: The Gospel According to Mark and Matthew preached a sp...

  • Sunday Review - November 16

    Below is a brief review of our meeting yesterday, followed by several questions to discuss at community group this week.  Matthew opened our time by reading Psalm 116 as a call to worship.  We sang Come People of the Risen King and Haider Sharifi read Romans 5:8. We sang Jesus Son of God, Not in Me, and Completely Done. Kevin Khoffie read Philippians 1:6 and Matthew prayed.

  • Thanksgiving Picnic

      We're hosting our annual Thanksgiving potluck dinner immediately after the Sunday meeting on November 23. If you've only been visiting Kingsway for a few weeks, this is a great opportunity to meet people and enjoy the gift of community. There's no need to sign-up in advance.

  • Sunday Review - November 9

    Here is a brief review of our meeting on Sunday, followed by a few discussion questions for Community Group this week. Matthew opened with reading Psalm 111 and we sang Our Song From Age to Age and Not In Me. Matthew read Ephesians 2:8 and we sang Grace Alone and All Glory Be to Christ.

  • Church Community Builder 4.0

    Pursuing Christian community is not just a Sunday morning thing. It's an everyday thing. That's one of the reasons we use Church Community Builder (CCB) as a family.

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