Joy matters

We all want it. God tells us where to find it. It's not found in being a good person. It's not found in doing your own thing. Joy is found in relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. If you know Jesus, you have joy. That's what our church is all about. Enjoying a growing relationship with God.

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  • 2015 Bolivia Mission Trip

      One of the highlights of the past few years has been our growing relationship with a group of churches & ministries in Bolivia.  As we have been privileged to meet & serve these precious people, our hearts have been expanded and our vision for God's purposes lifted in ways that have transformed our lives. Missions trips provide excellent opportunities to expand our spiritual horizons and stretch in faith by ministering in a third world environment.  This summer we will h...

  • New Facility Page

      God has entrusted us with a beautiful facility. It's not just a place we meet on Sunday mornings. It's a resource we use to love our neighbors throughout the week.

  • Churches That Last (Part 1)

       The Richmond Times-Dispatch announced last Sunday that the congregation of Trinity Episcopal Church in Highland Springs made the difficult decision to close their doors. Founded in 1918, the membership role had declined in recent decades to 18 people. Reading the article saddened me.

  • Weather Update

       We are excited to gather as the people of God tomorrow. The parking lot has been plowed and temperatures will stay above freezing tonight. Hope to see you in the morning!  Posted by Matthew  

  • Sunday Review - February 15

    Below is a brief review of our meeting yesterday followed by some discussion questions based off of the message. Use these for community group or personal study this week. Matthew opened our time together with a prayer from The Valley of Vision, "The Lord's Day".

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